First off before I go into all the costs associated with racing for a season I want to let you know we also have financial scholarships available.  Now that I have said that I will go over a typical season of mountain bike racing for you first timers.


The team dues for a season are $250. 


The team jersey and bib shorts cost $176 for both. The minimum a rider needs is at least a jersey ($75).  There are also many other clothing options you can choose from.


The cost of a decent mountain bike starts at $1,200 for a hardtail mountain bike.  Talk to anyone of the coaches prior to making any bike decisions.  During a typical season of riding you should also be prepared for maintenance items such as tires, chains and brake pads.


There are usually a few races that we will stay in hotels or if not hotels we will camp overnight.  Please make sure to look at the race schedule to see when and where all the NorCal Races are.  These are the races you are committing to as part of your team.


On a minimum you should plan for $300 in race fees for the NorCal Races for the season.  If you are planning on doing some of the TBF Races for practice prior to the NorCal season each of the TBF Races is $30 if you pay in advance.  There are 4 of the TBF races but most of our athletes will only do 2 of them prior to the first NorCal Race.  In April when we stop doing our Wednesday night spin class we move practice outside to the Prairie City Wednesday Night Race Series.  These we call practice races, the cost for a Wednesday Night race is $15 a race.  Not all of these races are required, only the NorCal Races.  We have financial scholarships available too.

A total cost break down for a season of Mountain Biking

Identified below are approximate costs of the major things you need.
✓ Cycling Development dues-- $250
✓ High school team jersey--$75
✓ Helmet--$100*
✓ Cycling shorts--$70+
✓ Light for night rides--$50-$100*
✓ Clothes--$0-$150 Many options are available
✓ NorCal registration fee--$50
✓ NorCal race fees--$300
✓ Travel cost to NorCal races--$250+
✓ Bike--$0 to $5,000* We have a limited supply of loaner bikes.

*Don’t buy these items without first talking to Coach Ferry. Discounts will be available through team order periods and bike-shop sponsorships.

 Cycling Development Budget: Income sources in descending order are:
✓ Corporate donations
✓ Rider dues
✓ Family donations

Cycling Development spends about $30,000 annually. All expenses benefit the riders; the board of directors is not paid and there are no coaching stipends. Major expenses in descending order are:
✓ Pit Zone used at races including trailer, shades, bike racks, stoves, tools, etc.
✓ Loaner bikes
✓ Federal, State and CPA fees to maintain tax-exempt status
✓ USA Cycling, NICA and NorCal registration fees
✓ Race food
✓ Scholarships
✓ Bike replacement parts
✓ Supplementary insurance

All fundraising must be executed by parents and athletes. Fundraising can be in any form as long as it is approved in advance by the Board.