The mission of Cycling Development is to impact and improve the lives of high school kids through mountain biking.  Training them physically and mentally on everything from team work to goal setting and nutrition.




If you live around Folsom Lake and can make it to our practices we most likely have a team for you to join.  If not, we will refer you to the correct high school team.  We currently coach 7 teams from Rocklin to Rescue.  Send me an e-mail to coach@cyclingdev.com if you don't see a team for you school listed.


When is the season?

We recruit riders over the summer and the first month of school.  Our first practice is the middle of October with our fall sport athletes starting in January.  Our season ends in May.  To get a better idea of our practice or race schedule click below.


What does it cost?

All of the Cycling Development high school teams dues for the season are $250.  There are other costs associated with mountain biking.  First you need a decent bike and there will be fees for the various races.  to get a better idea of what an entire season costs click below.  We also have financial scholarships available too.