Jr HIGH SCHOOL mountain bike programs

There are multiple Junior Mountain Bike programs around Folsom Lake. 

If you have mountain bikers that are not yet in Jr. High the program you want to connect them with is the Folsom Bike Junior Program.  They have a Fall and Spring program.

If you have Jr. High kids on the Granite Bay side of the lake you can contact Coach Hyatt the Granite Bay MTB coach, by e-mailing hyatt@cyclingdev.com  

If you have Jr. High kids on the El Dorado Hills side of the lake then this is the correct page for signup.  The Jr. High program below is for 6-8th graders only.  If you would like to get any questions answered prior to signing up you can reach Coach Lewis at tofor@folsomlakerealty.com


START DATE 09/19/19 - END DATE 12/05/19

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30 - 5 PM @ Browns Ravine in El Dorado Hills. Every other Thursday we will meet at either Willma Cavitt JR High School in Granite Bay or the Rodeo Grounds in Folsom where we’ll ride Lake Natomas or Granite Bay Trails.

First Practice: Thursday September 19th 3:30 pm @ Browns Ravine in El Dorado Hills.

Bring your signed waiver which you’ll find at the end of the signup link. No waiver no ride. Bring your mountain bike and proper riding gear. We will be doing a helmet and bike check to make sure everyone has safe equipment.

Second Practice: Tuesday September 24th we will be doing a time trial in order to determine groups. Groups are based on experience and riding ability. We will have 4 total groups consisting of about 10-15 riders who will all ride together during practices along with their designated ride leaders.

Riders will learn proper trail etiquette along with different on the bike skills that will make them a better rider. 

Team Dues: $100

Signups are now closed. Hope you can join us next season!