Jr HIGH SCHOOL mountain bike programs

There are multiple Junior Mountain Bike programs around Folsom Lake. 

If you have mountain bikers that are not yet in Jr. High the program you want to connect them with is the Folsom Bike Junior Program.  They have a Fall and Spring program.

If you have Jr. High kids on the Granite Bay side of the lake you can contact Coach Hyatt the Granite Bay MTB coach, by e-mailing hyatt@cyclingdev.com  

If you have Jr. High kids on the El Dorado Hills side of the lake then this is the correct page for signup.  The Jr. High program below is for kids who will end up going to Oak Ridge High School or Ponderosa High School.  We take 6-8th graders only.  If you would like to get any questions answered prior to signing up you can reach Coach Lewis at tofor@folsomlakerealty.com

Important Info:

When does it start and end? Starting September 20th and running through December 20th.

What days? We will ride every Tuesday and Thursday.

Where: We will meet at the Folsom Lake Marina in El Dorado Hills (Browns Ravine).

What time? 3:30-5 PM.

What do I need to bring? Bring your bike (ready to ride), a helmet, bike shoes/ tennis shoes, a filled water bottle, some sort of ride snack (cliff bar, trail mix, gels).

What is the cost? $50


E-MAIL tofor@folsomlakerealty.com for more info