2020 Team Sponsorship Drive

Our Sponsorship Drive for the 2020 season will run from September 17th to October 1st. During the Sponsorship Drive you will receive an e-mail daily each of the 14 days of the drive. Don’t worry after that we will stop blowing up your e-mail. Each day the e-mail will list who the new sponsors are, how much they donated and who and what team got the sponsorship. This is a competition between all of the Cycling Development Teams.

Printable Letter for in person asks and for those who want to send via US Postal Snail Mail. Going in person usually comes has the highest results.

Important note about requesting a sponsorship via e-mail. Myself and many other small business owners I know NEVER sponsor when I receive just an e-mail. We receive a lot of them. But when a kid takes the time to call and then send an e-mail it is very rare that we don’t sponsor.

Here is an example of what you could e-mail out:

Dear Mark,

I left you a voice message today. I am currently on my high school’s mountain bike team. We train a lot and we race in the NorCal high school mountain bike league. All of our coaches and ride leaders are volunteers under the non-profit Cycling Development. I wanted to see if you would consider sponsoring our team for the upcoming 2020 season. Your companies logo would be on the back of 8 high school teams in the area. Here is a link that explains the sponsorship levels.


Thanks in advance for your support,

Jimmy Jones