If you live in the area anywhere near Folsom Lake.  Send us an e-mail and let us know what school you go to.  Regardless of where it is we will connect you with either a team or someone who can help you start one.  

RESPONSIBILITIES of each high school coach

✓ Connecting with school
✓ Pre-Season marketing with school (freshman orientation, club day)
✓ Continued marketing - Provide updates to school and school websites/facebook
✓ Comes to monthly brain storming meeting with other HS coaches and CD.
✓ Provides monthly HS Team only dinners or get togethers to bond their HS team.
✓ Coming to NorCal Races, pumping up your team and taking to parents of riders.
✓ Finding a rider or parent to create a website administer a Facebook page for their specific team.

Grab life by the bars and start your high school team today!