Our son joined the high school mountain bike team as a freshman training with Cycling Development. We were impressed from the beginning with the organization and all the people associated with it.  From the very beginning we were treated like family.  Our son very quickly became stronger, more confident and very motivated.  We have made great friends with many parents and coaches and love how involved most of the families are.  The coaches are all very generous with their time and committed to helping each child develop to their full potential.  We’ve also been impressed with the way experienced team riders consistently support new riders with equipment and training assistance whenever needed.  Through their Cycling Development experience we have seen kids develop not only personally and individually but also as leaders and mentors for others. Overall a wonderful sport and organization to be involved in.

- James & Lani Foster (parents)

I wanted to share my appreciation for what you are doing as head coach of Cycling Dev.  You have successfully done away with the old school coaching methods of harassment and belittling and have fostered a culture of mutual support, hard work and fun.   My son Nathan has been motivated incredibly by this and it is no surprise that Cycling Dev has attracted  the best coaching staff in the area.   Your enthusiasm is totally infectious.   I have done a lot of bragging as any proud parent would about Nathan's and his Cycling Dev riding partners' successes.   One friend, when I was reporting on the number of Cycling Dev riders that podiumed on a race weekend, stated "Wow, the coaches must get paid a lot!"  I was proud to report that no, they are volunteers.   By training with multiple teams under one organization, I feel that the very best in sportsmanship is being fostered.   Following one highly successful weekend of racing I recall your words of advice for the riders at the next race.  "You guys did too good." followed by the importance of being humble about all the winning, the need to be courteous on the course with a please and thank you for every other rider on the course, as well as a need to follow the rules to a tee.  This is the stuff parents dream of when raising kids and preparing them for their lives as adults. The coaches, parents and riders in CDev are an amazing group of dedicated people that I am grateful Nathan has the opportunity to train and race with. 

With sincere appreciation for all that you and your fellow volunteers do.

- Cameron Poer (parent)

Joining the Cycling Development family was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has taught me key responsibilities, respect, and perseverance.   Riding bikes with others who have the same passion and conditioning to reach our own goals was awesome.  This sport pushes you to the boundaries, which was hard to find in other previous sports I participated in.  If you put in effort through conditioning hard and learning you will see major improvements no matter what.  The support provided from families, coaches, and teammates was remarkable.  Cycling has been very beneficial to me through keeping me out of trouble, building my confidence, and keeping me in great shape.  If your looking for a extreme challenge but an even more satisfying reward Cycling Development is for you!

- Jared Green (high school student)

Flat out...the best run, most passionate and enthusiastic organization period!   The attention to detail and rider support is unsurpassed!!  Our son has been challenged and enjoyed success.  He has also learned skills which will improve his life overall.  A big thank you to Head Coach Mark and the Cycling Development coaches!  

- Jurg and Sara Ramel (parent)

“We’re very proud to work with Cycling Development”.  They’re program and instructors have given kids that may not fit the “traditional sports” programs at school and opportunity to compete individually and as a team.   I can see the value their program and cycling ads to our youth as I was one of “those” kids.   As a young student I started cycling and went on to turn professional.   Cycling gave me amazing opportunities to travel and compete as a kid and even now as an adult.   You won’t find a better cycling mentor program in the country.  REALLY.

- John Crews (sponsor)
- BMX Hall of Fame Member
- Owner - Bicycles Plus - “Top 100 Bike Shop in America”

We are constantly in awe of the energy and dedication of the head coach, as well as the assistant coaches/ride leaders. We have seen our son push himself incredibly hard and have fun doing it. For us, though, we have loved the sense of community among the parents. Everyone roots for the entire team, not only their own child. The parents are all so dedicated to their children (otherwise, would they be toting them to 3 or 4 practices a week?). It has been an incredible experience and we are looking forward to Max's final year with Cycling Development.

- Phillip and Traci (Max Coonley's parents)

Cycling Development has changed the way I view sports. Being part of one big team composed of so many riders, coaches, leaders and supporters has helped motivate me to achieve higher goals while having a great time spending time with so many great people. There is something extremely satisfying about finishing a hard workout and not being able to walk normally the next day, along with your other friends that worked just as hard as you did. Cycling Development is like one big family that I will never forget.

- Nathan Poer (high school student)

Back in middle school I tried all of the usual team sports but none of them really stuck with me. I had few friends since I played no sports and felt like I didn't belong.  Then I discovered mountain bike racing through Cycling Development.  The first thing that struck me was how friendly and accepting they were.  Even though I was slow and came in last place at most races, they kept encouraging me to train and keep at it.  Two years later Cycling Development has transformed me from an overweight outcast to a NorCal champion.  The most important thing to me about Cycling Development is that we are all one big family.  The coaches are such great influences on us riders and never hesitate to help anyone.  They are great role models and teach us the value of citizenship and good sportsmanship.  Cycling Development has given me a place to belong.  It has given me a purpose and ideals to strive for, and taught me the importance of hard work and dedication.  Without Cycling Development I don't know where I'd be in life. 

- Cody Schwartz (high school student)

Cycling Development is an amazing family that I am so glad to be a part of.  It has opened my eyes to a sport that is so addicting I just can't stay away from.  Thanks to Cycling Development it has kept me out of trouble and put me in the right path.  The coaches and ride leaders are there to support us every step of the way.  In my three years of being a part of the team, I have meet so many awesome people and made so many new friends.  It's been my favorite thing about high school. 

- Ashley Albor (high school student)

Being a part of Cycling Development has changed my life in so many ways.  It has made me a stronger person, more responsible, and has helped me to be more outgoing.  I now have goals that I want to achieve. The coaching staff and support from the entire team is amazing.  The Cycling Development teams are one big awesome family.

- Steven Ross (high school student)

Cycling Development was one of the best parts of my high school experience. The camaraderie from the team members and the support from the amazing ride leaders and coaches created an incredibly supportive atmosphere, where it was safe to push yourself to places you had never gone before. I truly cherish my 3 years in Cycling Development, and given the chance, would do it all over again.  

- Graham Schafer (high school student)

Cycling development is an amazing eye opener to the world of competitive mountain biking. I cant think of a better way to get involved in this sport than through cycling dev.  I have been a rider on Cycling Development for 4 years now, and have enjoyed ever moment of it. I have gained much knowledge and experience from riding with the team.  From the amazing support from or coaches to all the friends I met along the way, this team has created an amazing enviroment for me to enhance my skills in cycling. As a senior this year I am going to be sad for my last year of racing on the team. It feels like a family to me, and I can't picture myself getting into this sport with out them.

- Cam Stew (high school student)

I've been racing and riding with cycling development for 3 years now and it is unlike any experience I've ever had.  The commitment and strive to succeed and accomplish on this team is unimaginable and that's what I love about it.  Every time I show up to practice ready to pin it and maximize a workout there will always be someone biting at my heals around every corner pushing me.  In addition, the since of brotherhood and sisterhood on the team is amazing. Let me tell you, the relationships you build after hundreds of hours on the saddle are unbreakable and I have made friends on this team that will last a lifetime.  Being a part of the Cycling Development family over the past years has been one of the best decisions I have a ever made and I don't regret one bit of it.  If cycling is even a slight passion of yours, jump on this team because there is nothing like it and you'll never find anything even remotely as fun as this team! #cyclingdevdoesitbetter

- Tofor Lewis (high school student)

Cycling Development has opened up the world of biking for me. Without it I would never have started riding or racing for that matter. Now, I love mountain biking with kids on our team. The coaches are amazing; they are my guardian angels. One of the best parts about it is that it has allowed me to go out into nature and explore places that I would never have been able to get to otherwise. I am truly thankful to the Cycling Development Team and I look forward to learning, growing, and more rad times this season.

- Juliana Ferry (high school student)

Cycling Dev has made me a stronger person overall.  Such as, I have gained many new friends and many new skills.  One of those very important skills I learned was how to deal with pain and exhaustion.  A skill that separates the good from the best!  So without Cycling Dev, I would not be the Great rider I am today!!

- Kort Ramel (high school student)

Cycling Development is more than a team to me or a community of cyclists. Over the past two years Cycling Development has become one of the biggest parts of my life and part of my family. Being a part of this team has brought me closer to my teammates and has made me so many new friends from different schools in the area. In the past two years I have seen myself become a new and improved cyclist and person. I have learned so much about racing, riding, and life. Some things I have learned about racing are no matter how you do even if you finish last, if you’ve improved that’s all that matters. Results on the page don’t count it’s the effort and it’s the personal result and improvement that counts. I’ve also learned quite a bit about life from being on this team and being involved in cycling. I’ve learned that no matter what you do in life do it for yourself. I’ve also learned to keep cycling fun. Just ride your bike and don’t worry about the stress and pressure that you or other people put on yourself about racing. If you aren’t having a blast on your bike anytime you’re out there then what’s the point if it becomes almost like a chore? The thing that I love most about Cycling Development is our team acts as one. We all have different interests and come from different places but when we are on our bikes none of that stuff matters. We all treat each other well and enjoy ourselves. These are all the reasons of how Cycling Development has shaped me and why I love being one of the members of Cycling Development.

- Lauren Desrosiers (high school student)

Got involved in cycling when My daughter joined cycling development in its first year.  She got hooked and so did I.  The motivation and enthusiasm of the student athletes keeps me coming back.  Speaking of motivation, the fantastic group of volunteer coaches is unparalleled, many have been with the program since day 1 and keep coming back even though they don’t have a student athlete on the team.  Awesome organization and great people!

- Doug Cosens (coach / parent)

We are so thankful for Cycling Development and the opportunity it has provided for our son to pursue a non-traditional team sport.  He is so excited about cycling!  At times it’s challenging to balance school, homework and training, but he’s learning some great lessons about scheduling and managing his time.  He’s also learned a lot about working hard, being consistent and committed.  We are so impressed with all of the volunteer coaches and parents, who are just amazing!

- Dion Goldsworthy (parent)

Just a quick note to tell you how much I appreciate Cycling Development and what it has provided for my son and myself.  It was amazing to watch my son grow into the sport of mountain bike racing.  He went from a kid who never really rode a mountain bike to standing on a podium in his sophomore year.  He absolutely loved the sport like no other sport he ever tried.  Being part of the Cycling Dev crew provided an amazing way for him to make some awesome friends in a sport that promotes healthy and smart decisions.  I can’t under emphasize the value of seeing my son learn to take care of and to respect his body at a young age. Most people don’t learn the value of this until they are much older and often times it’s too late.  With a focus on fitness and clean living he has built himself a foundation for good clean living for the rest of his life.

- Vince Tarry (parent)

Taking part and becoming involved with the Cycling Development has brought us many positive and wonderful experiences.  At all the meets we would see enthusiasm in each rider brought on by coaches, parents, family members, and team mates, not to mention the way the team members would cheer and support their team mates during races.  Also, coaches and parents presented a relaxed atmosphere that allow the team members to preform at their highest level.  Altogether, Cycling Development  has the experience, strong support, knowledgeable coaches, and professional guidance for all involved. This cycling family is awesome!   

- Kerri Barton (parent)

Our family has been involved with Cycling Development for the past two years and looking forward, with great expectation, to another fantastic season ahead. Over the years our son has participated in numerous sports including soccer, wrestling, Moto-cross, and others however none of these can compare to his experience with the bike team. Although he excelled at each sport he has participated in, the past two years has seen exponential growth in his self-discipline, physical and mental conditioning, sportsmanship, and overall enjoyment. We clearly attribute this to the outstanding personal character and dedication of the head coach and his coaching volunteers. These coaches take a personal interest in the individual team members and help them each reach their full potential in ways we have not seen previously with any of our four kids. We easily give Cycling Development 5 stars!

- Scott and Kirsten Lewis (parents)

Youth mountain bike racing has been such a blessing for both myself and my children.  At this point, I have had a daughter and a son involved in the Cycling Development program and I have been a "ride leader" for several years.  The positive life lessons, lasting relationships, and scenes of accomplishment have made all the difference in my family.  We look forward to another great season!

- Bob Pacheco (parent)

The CD experience is an eye opening wonderful experience for the whole family. New people, new places and new adventures expanded our lives. The training and the races challenged our son and taught the family many lessons. The coaches and team parents wowed us with their involvement, organization and passion for the riders and the sport. On a scale of 1 to 10 it was an 11!

- Bruce Van Patten (parent)

The time with Cycle Development has changed my son’s life forever. It’s taught him how to push himself further then he ever thought possible and this has continued in every part of his life. Our family has taken away far more then we've given, and will always be indebted to the coaches and the Cycle Development organization. Thanks!

- The Cains (parents)

Cycling Development was a great way for my son to learn some very valuable life skills.  He became a self-reliant person, confident and secure with who he is. Cycling showed him that he could get more out of it with hard work and self discipline.  He was a team player and took a leadership role, belonging and contributing to a greater whole, building freindships and respect.  He got into phenomenal shape, training with others motivated him and he built high-endurance and skills.  Best of all he had fun! – What a great sport and with the support of some very giving people, it was BIG success for him.

- Brad Maur (parent)

I just wanted to thank you, all of the coaches and team members for making my son’s mountain biking experience so wonderful.  During the mountain bike season, we see wonderful growth in his coordination, motivation, respect and self-esteem.  Undoubtedly, this is because of the amazing rapport and positive force that everyone involved in Cycling Development has with each and every team member.

- Lynne Gibboney (parent)

If you read all the way down to here you must be impressed with how this organization runs. Please consider helping out or sponsoring Cycling Development. We are doing great things!