CD's RESPONSIBILITIES For Each Team it supports

✓ Sets up annual sign-up meeting for all high school teams they support.
✓ Takes care of all athlete signups and waivers for each team.
✓ Takes care of all insurances for each team.
✓ Pays for coaches dues for all teams.
✓ Provides a second set of eyes to make sure all riders, ride leaders and coaches are properly certified, educated and background checked.
✓ Provides fundraising and sponsorships.
✓ Provides Scholarships and Bikes
✓ Takes care of each HS teams kits (sets up and designs - Jerseys, creates online stores)
✓ Takes care of each HS teams clothing (t-shits, hats, etc)

For the training:
✓ Sends out all training/practice e-mails and text messages to all parents and riders
✓ Provides dozens of coaches utilizing our proven 5 group training system (a link to 5 group training system)
✓ Provides experienced group coaches for all levels of athletes
✓ Group coaches provide valuable feedback specific to each teams athletes
✓ All Group coaches provide feedback on Slack App after each ride for Team Coaches knowledge

For the races:
✓ Sends out weekend schedule to all parents/riders
✓ Provides amazing Pro Level pit for all high school teams
✓ Provides jumbo race trailer for races
✓ Provides food for race day