First take a look at our practice and race schedule to make sure it works with your schedule?  If you are looking for something for your 8-13 year old, please contact us.  If you are a parent and you want to come out and help as a ride leader please read below.  If you are a high schooler ready to sign up or test it out for two weeks, click on the join link below before showing up to our first pre-season practice on October 20th.


First off let me start by saying we have and NEED Ride Leaders of every ability.  From a Parent who's son or daughter just joined the team and they used to be a mountain biker to the local pros.  Cycling Development has many levels of coaches and ride leaders.  The biggest things we look for in someone who rides with our teams are a positive attitude combined with the ability to encourage and empower high school kids.  If that sounds like you then send an e-mail to introduce yourself.  Then when you are ready to join click below and bring your signed paperwork to your first ride.